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The Ultimate Out of Water Safety Tool for Public Safety Divers

US Water Rescue Store

U.S. Water Rescue LLC provides its clients with top-notch customer service in training and equipment sales and service. It also provides Special Pricing Levels for Public Safety Dive Teams and Scuba Instructors.

Northwest k-9 Search and Recovery

K.T., you and your K-9s are awesome! 


Alternative Athletics

I believe everyone needs to take care of their bodies.  Some do it because its fun, some do it because they realize they have to, some do it because their profesion demads it.   In order for  Public Safety Divers, Water Rescue Personel, and Technical Divers to perform to the best of their ability, they need to be in top physical shape.  NO ifs ands or buts, just do it! 


Harvest Church

At Harvest we believe Jesus is real, His Bible is true, and His love is eternal.  Lives change when they are submitted to Him and His leadership.  We hope our church will be a place where you can experience the love of God as you pursue this Truth. 



Poseidon USA

Do you need the BEST regulator?   US Water Rescue Dive Team does.  Why?  Because we dive in nasty conditions!  Dirty water, polluted water, black water, ice water.  We dive in swiftwater. And we dive deep, over 300'.  There are a lot of great regulators on the market that we know work great, but after careful consideration and weighing all the options we have chosen Poseidon as our primary regulator.


Red Oxx Adventure Travel Gear

Looking for a BAG that will last forever.  Take it from us, we have put the Red Oxx bags to the test during water rescue/recovery missions in the worst conditions and environments.  Since buying Red Oxx bags, we have never needed to replace a bag again!


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