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Qualified, professional candidates who are highly motivated and are eager to serve the community in the challenges of the aquatic environment as a Dive Team Member or an Associate Member.   Note: You do not have to serve as a DIVER. There are many more positions.

The U.S. Water Rescue Dive Team is accepting applications for new volunteer members. We are looking for individuals with any of the following experience: water rescue, dive rescue, commercial divers, military divers, recreational SCUBA, EMT, Paramedic, law enforcement, or simply people with a big heart for helping people in their time of need.
New (local) members join as apprentices until they obtain the Dive Tender Certification. Members may then work toward Swiftwater Rescue Certification and Public Safety Diver Certification. 
Team Member – Individuals who share our vision, partake in monthly training, pass an annual swim test, respond to call-outs, and assist with water safety education.
USWRDT receives requests for service all across the United States.  To help handle these calls for service, USWRDT  is developing Charter Teams and Associate Members across the United States. See FAQ below.

The following Associate memberships are also available:
Associate Members are those that see our vision and desire to help achieve our mission, but do not typically respond to call-outs. Associate Members help with things like funding, recruiting, grant writing, etc.  If they do respond to a call out it is in an administrative roll only.

Associate Awareness Members are those that see our vision, desire to help achieve our mission, and have a specialty skill such as Paramedic, Doctor, Pilot, Mechanic, Public Relations, K-9 Handler, SAR, etc.. Associte Awarenss Members may respond to calls in a limited role.
Associate Operational Members are qualified Public Safety Divers, Tenders, or Medics that are not able to attend the minimum monthly training with USWRDT at our facility, but posses strong PSD, Swiftwater, or Medic skills and are able to maintain the requirements necessary to stay active. Contact us for more info.
Members are required to have a minimum of one training day per month. They also must have a current First Aid and CPR card. Divers are required to obtain a Public Safety Diver Certification, and pass annual Swim & SCUBA skills evaluation. U.S. Water Rescue provides free training and special pricing on certifications and equipment for Dive Team Members.

Members Receive:
-Opportunity to serve your community and be part of an awesome Water Rescue Dive Team
-USWRDT Uniform T-shirt
-Public Safety Pricing on dive training & water / dive rescue & recovery equipment

-Real world experience
-Free monthly training
Become a Member today:

1. Print application
2. Complete entire application
3. Sign application
4. Return application with a copy of your Driver's License and all  

    CPR, medical, dive, and rescue certifications.
5. Mail completed application and $65 membership fee to:

US Water Rescue Dive Team
P.O. Box 50626
Billings, MT 59105



U.S. Water Rescue Dive Team
Membership Qualifications

Minimum Age: 18

Associate Awareness Member: Members that share the vision of USWRDT and have a special skill which they are willing to utilize in helping USWRDT achieve its Mission. Associate members are not required to attend training but are encouraged to join in anytime. Associate Members are typically not utilized for call-outs, but are encouraged to assist with Safety Events, training, etc. Associate members that can be utilized for call-outs would include individuals with specialty certifications such as Paramedics, Public Relations, Communications, etc.

1.      $65 year Membership

2.      Heart for helping people


Associate Operations Member: Members that qualify as either Tenders, Swiftwater Rescue Techs, or Divers but are unable to attend minimum monthly training. Typically these members are highly qualified members that live outside of Montana. These members are considered for call-outs on a case by case basis depending on location and circumstances of the call-out and the member’s ability to travel.

1.      $65 year Membership

2.      Heart for helping people

3.      Must meet the requirements of a Tender, Swiftwater Rescue Tech, or Diver with the exception of
         attending the min. monthly training.

4.      Must log minimum of 8 hours of approved training per month via PSD Tracker

Active Member / Tender: Every Active Team Member must qualify as a Tender. Tenders are the most important people on the Team! They are the Divers life line and right hand man. Members are required to have the minimum required equipment (see equipment list). Members will have a 6 mo. probation period after which they will file an application to become a Yellowstone County Special Services Officer. Active Members cannot be utilized on call-outs that are law enforcement related without being a Yellowstone County Special Services Officer.

1.      $65 year Membership

2.      Heart for helping people / love for water

3.      Valid D/L

4.      Current CPR / First Aid Qualified (within 6 mo. of joining)

5.      Current Basic Public Safety Diver Certification (within 6 mo. of joining)

6.      Pass yearly Swim Qualification: 250y swim / 10 min tread water

7.      Attend and log minimum monthly training

Active Member / Swiftwater Rescue Tech:  Members that operate at a technical level (get in the water) for swiftwater rescue operations.

1.      All requirements of a Tender

2.      Pass yearly Swim Qualification: 500y swim / 15min tread water (hands out of water last 2) / 25y U/W 

3.      Current Swiftwater Rescue Tech Certification


Active Member / Diver:   Members that partake as Divers on dive operations.

1.      All requirements of a Tender

2.      Pass yearly Swim Qualification: 500y swim / 15min tread water (hands out of water last 2) / 25y U/W

3.      60 logged Dives

4.      Advanced Diver Certification

5.      Rescue Diver Certification

6.      Basic Public Safety Diver Certification

7.      Log at least 1 dive per month


FAQs for Associate Members and Charter Teams

Q.   Why is there a $65 membership fee?  
The membership fee covers the costs of a T-shirt, background check, and your membership on PSD Tracker. It also helps weed out the individuals that are not serious; unfortunately we receive a lot of requests for memberships from people that just want to put the name U.S. Water Rescue Dive Team on their resume.

Q. How often will I get a call?
  It depends on if we
have an operation in your area. You may get a few calls a year or no calls at all. If you are willing to travel, it opens the door for more calls. It also depends on your level of training. The higher level of dive training a person has (whether it is in the technical, public safety, military, medical, or commercial field) the more valuable that person's skill set is; opening the door for more opportunites to serve.

Q. Do I get compensated?
A. USWRDT is a volunteer organization. You will not be "compensated" for your work. However, many times food, lodging, & fuel can be paid for. We understand that it is difficult and impossible for many members to leave their job for a week or more at a time, pay astronomical costs for fuel, to assist on an operation.  It is the goal of USWRDT to some day have enough sponsors and donations to financially be able to respond to every call for service and have all expenses for all members paid for.

Q. Can I do a dive operation on my own acting as a USWRDT member?
A. No, only USWRDT charted Teams may do operations on their own while acting as members of USWRDT. Members doing dive ops on their own while acting as a USWRDT member will be dismissed.

Q. How do I stay an active Associate Member or Chartered Team?
A. Must have the following current on PSD Tracker: 
      -Current 1st Aid / CPR
      -Annual Swim Test / Basic Scuba Skills Assessment
      -Minimum one logged in water training dive per month
      -Current service records on all equipment
      -Basic, Advanced, Rescue, and Public Safety Diver
Q. What is the process after I turn in my Dive Team application?
A.  -Applications will be reviewed.
      -Background check will be conducted.
      -Once approved or denied for membership with U.S. Water Rescue Dive Team, you will be contacted. If
        you do not recieve notification of your status within 3 weeks, please contact us at (fourzerosix) 591-4649.
      -If you are selected as a member of USWRDT you must register on psdtracker.com and record all your 
        certifications (dive, scuba, rescue, medical, etc.), equipment, and training. 


Questions? Please email us using our contact us page or call

(fourzerosix) 591-4649.